The Öschberghof is a five-star resort hotel located on the edge of the Black Forest in southern Germany. It’s designed to offer the guests a relaxing atmosphere where they can slow down and reconnect with nature.

The Black Forest atmosphere was created by materials, objects, colours and with light effects. In cooperation with the interior designers Joi-Design and K&P we prepared some special moments to dwell.

The implemented special luminaires were developed in the triangle of interior designer, luminaire manufacturer and lighting designer.

Vibrancy of clouds and water – The lobby is dominated by a light installation, consisting of a range of  luminous glass shapes that are suspended in a swarm like pattern across the entire ceiling. Glass design and hanging were individual designed in cooperation with the interior designers Joi-Design, the luminaire manufacturer Lasvit and notholt lighting design. The three different glass types (clear, clear and dipped and crackled-glass) symbolize diversity – not only the physical state of water. The hanging forms a swarm which connects the different areas of the lobby and leads to the chimney. For a soft perception of the luminaire, sometimes hanging close above your head, the LED unit is immediately covered by a spiky second inner glass dome which prevents glare. Rounding the details off: the ceiling connection is minimalistically designed. (interior design: Joi-Design, manufacturer: Lasvit, architects: Allmann Sattler Wappner Architekten)

Water drops – How would it feel like sitting in a net of water drops? In the hotel’s own gourmet restaurant ‘Ösch Noir’, special round seating areas are separated by fine glass sphere chains, creating islands with an exclusive, intimate atmosphere. The glass spheres are lit by recessed luminaires with elliptical optic and thus create a complex interplay of reflections. The same luminaires are inserted between the laminated structures along the sides of the room, creating a lit area that blends into the room’s distinctive atmosphere. (interior design: K&P, manufacturer: Baulmann)

Forest – The unique light inside of a forest goes along with the shadows of the tree trunks and the leaf canopy. The ‘Ösch Noir‘ welcomes the guests by inviting them into a little forest atmosphere on the way to their table. Beside real tree trunks the leaf canopy is artificial and made of little strung metal plates. These metal plates reflect light and produce shadows of leaves falling down on your drink. Behind the hanging grid there are black spotlights which throw directed warm light into this forest setting. (interior design: K&P, manufacturer: Baulmann)

Finally, seeing the Öschberghof scenerie from outside, the unlit façade by itself is animated by the indoor light that pours out of the large windows.

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