Nestled in one of the oldest parts of Oslo’s city centre is a quarter that has been shut off from the community for over a hundred years. Entra ASA and Void, have collaborated to restore the heart of the city into a safe and inviting hub for the community and tourists. The project, named Delta, is now in its final stages and is due to open in March this year after 3 years of hard work.

The brief was to create a safe and welcoming environment for visitors, to walk through the narrow passages of the historic city walls. Much like a river flows, meanders and pulses, the lighting design replicates this, moving and flowing with the city’s rhythm.

The lighting beautifully articulates the connectivity of the city, running through the narrow walkways, open spaces, restaurants and offices welcoming people to be part of the space. Using 1km of light this historic graveyard has been illuminated into a modern architectural hub allowing visitors to feel safe in this bustling city.

LEDFlex worked with Void to supply a kilometre of lighting for this inspiring project, using products from the extensive LEDFlex range including the 16mm wide Ultimo Neon Silicone Pixel Short Pitch RGB in horizontal and vertical bend.

A white warm hue glows through the quarter most evenings however the lighting is dynamic and therefore has the ability to change to RGB for special events and occasions. The lights will be changed to the full rainbow for Pride, and to a pink colour or Breast Cancer Awareness Month for example. There is a vision to roll this out for Christmas, New Year, and other pivotal and bespoke brand events too. This adaptability illuminates the brief to create connection with the community and invite people into the space to reflect. The technology behind the lighting was a key part of the design. The lighting is equipped with motion sensor technology to detect the movement of visitors throughout the quarter. The river like spectacle pulses when no one is walking through and then as people walk through the space, it comes to life, tracking the movement, flowing with them, and lighting the way as they stroll through the streets.

Delta truly seeks to inspire, welcome, connect and reignite this old city quarter in Norway’s largest, and capital city. With a dynamic lighting scheme and a plethora of solid lighting solutions we are confident this old city quarter will be full of the presence of locals and visitors alike experiencing the ambience that has been created.

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