Daydreamer – an object that responds to natural and artificial light

The Daydreamer is an object that blends art and design, responding both to natural and artificial light. Inspired by nature and science, the wall mounted luminaire consists of two biomorphic elements made of dichroic glass and quartz sand. Daydreamer takes advantage of the optical properties of the dichroic glass to paint the surrounding surfaces with colours and shades. The luminaire creates ways to observe the phenomena of light, during the day – with changing natural light, and in the evening – with the help of miniature spotlight. It is the light that forms the dialogue between the elements of sand and glass, shaping it into the luminaire- Daydreamer.

Dichroic glass

With the help of nanotechnology our designed curved glass element is treated with an extremely thin dichroic optical coating. Depending on the angle of the light rays and the viewer’s perspective, dichroic glass may appear simultaneously colourless and intensely colourful, translucent and reflective. Dichroic glass has special optical properties: it reflects some of the component colours of light and is permeable to others.

Sand as material

The second component, sculptural sand element, was inspired by the formation of the dunes, known as barchans – the distinctive crescent-shaped dunes with horns. Most sand on Earth is made from the mineral quartz, which is white and bright. Barchan dunes occurs in sandy deserts all over the world. They were also observed on Mars, where the thin atmosphere produces winds strong enough to move sand and dust. On Mars, most sand is composed of dark basalt, a volcanic rock. For this reason, dunes on Mars are darker than those on Earth. In areas with cooler temperatures, they appear in tints of blue.
The Daydreamer’s sand elements are available in two colours – Earth White and Mars Blue. Created by combining sand as a natural material with the latest 3D printing technology.

Night illumination

By the dark hour the dichroic glass responses to artificial light, the miniature low waltage LED spotlight (~2.2 W, 63 lm/W) that is integrated within the sculptural element of sand. Thanks to our partners © Corporate friends, the spotlight features high color rendering index (97 CRI). It is easy to adjust the light painting on the wall, as the miniature spotlight is 360° rotatable and 125° swivelling. Luminaire in-built LED driver and dimmer is integrated within the element of sand, so the intensity of the light painting can be adjusted. The luminaire is made for longevity with each component part replaceable if needed.

Created by light artist Ruta Palionyte and architect Ieva Baranauskaite in Copenhagen, Denmark. The luminaire components are made in

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