In the centre of Madrid, near the Plaza del Sol, it has just been inaugurated the restaurant “Dani Brasserie”, of the famous chef Dani García with 3 Michelin stars . The restaurant is located on the seventh floor of the newly opened Four Seasons Hotel Madrid, which occupies a full block made up of seven historic buildings.

From the terrace of the “Dani Brasserie” you can enjoy impressive views over Madrid: in the foreground the Torreón del Palacio de la Equitativa stands out, and in the distance, between the play of light and shadows of the adjoining rooftops, you can see the fountain de Cibeles, one of the best known symbols of Madrid.

The interiors design of the restaurant is work of an internationally acclaimed interior architecture and design studio based in London and New York. The environment created, elegant and sophisticated, is achieved with the combination of natural references, with materials such as marble, leather and velvet. It is here that lighting plays a crucial role, enhancing the rich textile materials and wood elements of the project. The general lighting is soft, non-invasive, primarily decorative, indirect, and in warm tones. This is the success of the project: to create an environment with a very warm color temperature that allows the materials and textures to be bathed in light, giving them prominence. Achieving the final objective: the comfort and convenience of the client, predisposing him to enjoy gastronomy.

On the other hand, the technical lighting creates an accent on the two central elements of the interior of the restaurant: the triangular bar in the restaurant area, and the bar. Unlike general lighting, the lighting of the two star elements is projected, punctual and highly focused. The purpose is for these bars to stand out, and with them the gastronomic products on display. In both bars, the wine racks are illuminated creating a background of light through a play of lights and reflections. This light that radiates through the bottles or glassware is an invitation, a claim for the customer.

The lighting has been designed according to the following parameters: colour temperature, around 2200k, and light control. This control allows the generation of lighting scenes by zones and uses, and point-to-point lighting and regulation. The restaurant, as the whole complex of Canalejas complies with LEED standards

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