Against the hectic lifestyle in Singapore, our lighting design concept evokes the peace and tranquillity in a person as they enter the concierge. The lighting aims to reflect the modern minimalist luxury architecture and build materials applied. A key feature binding the space together is the swimming pool. By anchoring the design on the pool, extending outwards to the environment, the lighting application uses minimal lighting on the sides and gradually building up towards the illumination on the unique textured façade wall at the far end of the pool. Using minimal lighting points, the space is artfully lit for just the right level of brightness, where one may appreciate the flowing water and trees in the calm evening breeze.

A mirage lighting reflection was created on the slow-moving water surface. It mimics a calm breathing action of the nature. This seeks to relax the mind as one looks ahead into an artistic feature wall.

The overall lighting design perpetuates a real sense of calm that is reflective of the evening sundown moment of an oasis or a seaside resort. Proposed artificial lighting takes a quiet backseat role during sunset and transit into the primary glow of warmth for the space at night. This follows the soft natural lighting cycle. The subtle illumination on the slow and soft movement of nature makes a person wants to immerse in it, appreciating the positive energy.

The lighting concept is applied as follows: First lighting layer is a soft warm glow on the coconut trees canopy. Second layer is the warm glow reflected on the gently moving pool surface from the façade wall. Third layer is the lower lux level of the surrounding.

One key innovation is the ability to determine methods that enable the light fitting to blend into the space. One example is prescribing the electroplating method of having exposed lamp housing coated in gold/brass threaded finishing. It fits into the light brown sand blasted floor tiles, yet retaining its subtle presence for safety and subtle colour contrast to the space. Lighting design is about how everything comes together from lamp, performance and appreciating the architectural elements.

The lighting design seeks to touch the inner most of a person and light it up for them to see themselves. It aims to allow one to regain themselves by reconnecting with nature. The healing of the soul starts with lighting it up from within the heart of a person. That is achieved in Dalvey Haus.

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