Delmatic’s innovative DALI-2 multi-discipline microsensor combines occupancy and daylight detection with integrated temperature and humidity monitoring, making it the most powerful all-in-one sensor for smart IoT solutions.

The multi-tasking sensor lies at the heart of a smart building, constantly monitoring, continuously assessing and seamlessly sharing real-time, occupancy and environmental intelligence. The sensor is certified to the latest DALI-2 lighting control standards and forms part of a smart platform with BACnet and MQTT technology for seamless communication with building management systems and integrated services.

The multi-discipline device delivers sophisticated DALI-2 dimming and scene-setting. The software-defined sensor monitors changes in occupancy and ambient daylight levels to provide optimal lighting control. Lighting scenes precisely adapt in real-time according to control strategies assigned to the sensor and ensuring appropriate lighting for every task and schedule. Tuneable white options adjust lighting intensity and colour temperature increasing occupant comfort and well-being. The integral environmental sensor measures and shares high-resolution temperature and humidity data with the building ecosystem so that HVAC speed, temperature and connected services continuously adapt in real-time to changes in the indoor environment.

The sensor is fully adaptive and flexible to ensure the control and operation of lighting and services exactly meets the requirements of any space. Sensor parameters and sensitivity, such as time-out periods and daylight-linking thresholds are easily configured through Delmatic’s advance graphical software. The sensor also incorporates an integral wireless receiver for remote user adjustment and task tuning of lighting levels and scenes, temperature, blinds, shades and other connected services from Delmatic Touchpads.

The right lighting and indoor climate has the ability to improve personal comfort, wellbeing, and productivity, while maintaining temperature and humidity levels is crucial within buildings sensitive to changes in temperature and moisture. The powerful features and functionality of the multi-discipline sensor leads to greatly enhanced sustainability and major energy savings over the lifetime of a building, as well as reduced capital and installation costs by eliminating the need for separate temperature and humidity sensors.

The multi-discipline microsensor forms part of Delmatic’s network of certified DALI-2 sensors, DALI-2 controllers and software, with added green features including hours-run monitoring, energy monitoring and energy use analysis dashboards. Delmatic systems collate real-time energy usage data from DALI-2 sensors and drivers, and generate detailed energy monitoring reports and dashboards. The abundance of occupancy and environmental intelligence captured by Delmatic’s DALI-2 multi-discipline sensors provides building owners and facilities managers with actionable insights to sustainably optimise lighting and harness the full potential of ever-evolving smart buildings.

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