Our flagship 950 Imagine Router is not just a state of the art lighting management controller, we have launched it as a part of a suite of 21 brand new products all certified to the latest DALI-2 standard hence a offering a totally comprehensive and complete DALI-2 intelligent lighting management solution to the market.

This sets a ground breaking benchmark for lighting controls manufacturers to be able to provide a complete solution package of products of this variety, certified to the latest and open DALI-2 standard. The 21 products consist of 4 sensors types, 16 button panel types and at the heart, the 950 router which is a 4 DALI-2 network multi-master application controller. A single 950 router can connect up to 512 DALI addresses, that’s 256 DALI control gear (lights) and 256 DALI control devices spread across it’s 4 DALI-2 networks. This is a hugh amount of connectivity on a single DALI controller and with the ability to network up to 50 x 950s together then oversee these multiple networks over a secure cloud network, the solution can easily scale from a single floor to entire building, campus or even multi-site. We believe in open protocols and standardised networks so we only use DALI/ DALI-2 for controls and lighting, ethernet as the building network and MQTT over secured TLS for IoT and cloud. This way the customer can fit our solution into their building/project extremely easily, whether it is just for standalone solutions or integrated smart buildings.

The benefits of DALI-2 also means multi-vendor controls compatibility so as part of the 950 imagine solution we have made a multi-vendor partnership with Steinel. This allows customers and specifiers to choose between different controls vendors but from the same supplier and manufacturer. This massively simplifies the sales, purchasing, after sales process for projects.

The 950 router is not just a DALI-2 application controller, it is also a lighting management system all inbuilt one product. It has an inbuilt astronomical timeclock for scheduled events, it can directly integrate with other devices/ systems, such as AV, over standardised ethernet. Complex sequential or conditional logic can also be created making it extremely flexible and adaptable for any application. For wellbeing benefits it can control DALI tuneable white and full colour luminaires as well as the ability to run preset and customisable circadian rhythms. For comfort and safety, corridor hold can be implemented, and it can also run automated emergency lighting tests and store the report in its memory. For a smooth installation, commissioning and install phase, the 950 also has an inbuilt full colour LCD display to let installers and FMs test the DALI networks and also see if there are any faults on each network such as short circuits or devices missing.

With all these benefits, we have boldly named the marketing campaign “Imagine Endless Possibilities” because we believe the sky’s the limit with the 950 Imagine Solution

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