Exterior, RGBW or tuneable white LED projector range with ultra-narrow beam output

The D 100 RGBW ultra-narrow beam IP66 is a compact, exterior, LED projector that produces an ultra-narrow 6° beam output, ideal for use in architectural, landscape and garden lighting applications that require powerful, creative, highly controlled, decorative lighting effects.

The light engine comprises of a cluster of 4 x Luzeon Z or CZ RGBW or white LEDs, with a Gaggione LLC06U ultra-narrow beam collimator lens.

Either integral LV DC to DC driver or remote AC to DC driver versions are available. Internal driver boards are potted in silicone resin.

Each projector can be run at up to 10 Watts per spotlight, producing up to 390 Lumens from RGBW LEDs and 900 Lumens from white LEDs all LEDs on full power.

A wide variety of colour LEDs and white light colour temperature and CRI options are available.

The LED colour or CCT of each of the four LEDs within the cluster of LEDs can be specified, giving custom light outputs, optimised to suit project requirements.

DMX and DALI dimming protocol options are available.

The standard adjustable-angle bracket is rotatable in two axes, so that the light output can be precision aimed on-site. Tree-strap and ground spike mounting options are available. Custom bracketry is also available.

Custom anti-glare snoots can be specified – ensuring excellent visual comfort.

The projectors are available in satin black, satin white or any RAL paint colour finish.

Either a low iron UV block glass cover or UV stable polycarbonate window can be specified.

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