CVIEW, located in the heart of Hong Kong on the top floor of the renowned M+ CVIEW is a Chinese restaurant cum art gallery, located on the top floor of M+ Museum building with breath taking view of Hong Kong’s beautiful harbour.

The restaurant occupies a very long and narrow floor plate. It has two entrances, one leads to the main restaurant and the other is at the other end, for the art gallery. Both areas are connected by an ever-lasting long corridor.

As both sides of the restaurant are windows, tremendous amount of day light is bleaching into the interior during the day. Over hung louvres and blinds by the windows help to balance the interior lighting against the strong daylight.

Our lighting design comes into play in the evening. It gives a dramatic entrance experience to the restaurant by using concealed high power wall washer and contrasting uplight behind the modernised Chinese geometric screens. A backlit barrisol wall forms a back drop for an up-lighting tree, which becomes an accent at the beginning of this long corridor. The corridor ceiling is covered with high gloss stainless steel where high power wash light not only lights up the movable partitions on one side but helps to give the impression of a double ceiling height. With the harbour view in mind, minimal lighting is placed along the side window seatings.

The main restaurant ceiling is composed of modular louvers where cove lighting are placed and remote control downlights are incorporated. The angle of the downlights can be remotely controlled and has a memory program to focus on different table layouts. Downlight wall washers are placed on both ends of the wall, which help to enlarge the restaurant space further. Our bespoke designed battery charged tree uplights come in handy for the movable planter trees and provide a sense of drama to the restaurant.

The gallery entrance is of contemporary design where floor recessed linear uplight helps to wall wash the back wall at the reception and track spotlights are used for maximum flexibility for any art placement.

Our lighting design evolves throughout the day to create different moods and add an ode to light and shadow. The restaurant is fully utilized during the day, with natural light flooding the space. As the sun sets, thoughtfully installed accent lights highlight the tree installations and cast intricate shadows on the ceiling, creating a more intimate and cozy ambiance. The interplay of lights and shadows is also inspired by the ancient Chinese philosophy of yin and yang.

At CVIEW, every detail weaves together to create a transformative visual journey, where the boundaries between art, architecture and design dissolve into a seamless and immersive whole.

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