LSE lighting was approached to design a large scale bespoke feature, this was to be of a multiple blown glass ball design that would sit inside a glass entrance lobby at One Curzon street London, the design brief supplied to LSE from Jo White Design that the feature should emulate a waving twist of light and should consume the complete area for an immersive effect. It was also requested that there be no visible fixings to add to this seamless perfection that would span up to seven meters by four metres.

Known for their skill and dexterity in manufacturing and design, LSE were ready for the challenge, as a company they are always working with new materials or the latest fabrication methods in order to continually deliver different innovative items.

LSE recognised that capturing the building warmth was key to the ascetics of this project. With this in mind the final design consisted of three hundred and thirty eight individual glass balls all to be suspended perfectly at unique heights making a smooth relaxing wave of twisting light. The balls are internally illuminated via led with warm white temperature, the complete installation is DALI controlled. This seamless and simple installation hides a complicated well thought out construction process that has enabled the installation to be delivered as requested with elegant seamless style and pin point accuracy.


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