Dome Theatre in located northern Sweden, with a facade constructed of triangular perforated aluminium cassettes. All 475 cassettes were equipped with lighting with the intent to make this new local landmark visible during the dark hours; a symbol of the presence and importance of the science centre as an enlightening function in society.

As a partner in Wisdome, a national project aimed at bringing forward digital visualization of science, the Umeå University had the dome built. Attached to a 110-year-old industrial building, the massive dome makes for a playful contrast in regards to both shape and finish.

With the cassettes being made from anodized aluminium it catches and reflects its surroundings during the day, changing its appearance along with the dramatic light and colour characterizing of this northern region.

It is all about outer space and digital projections inside the theatre and the lighting design enables this to be communicated through to the exterior as well. Thanks to an exceptionally good coordination between everyone involved with the project, the lighting was fully integrated in the facade, leaving it visually free from undesirable tech. The cassettes were designed together with the lighting designers, providing optimal conditions to shield off, install and get the maximum performance out of the stipulated lighting system.

Behind the facade over 8400 lights are hidden, each equipped with one red, green and blue LED. Together they form a gigantic screen with swift access to all colours of the rainbow, controlled via 56 synchronized DMX-universes. Through the DMX-system several different triggers are activated, amongst which sensors reacting on certain levels of carbon dioxide exhaled inside the dome as well as a manual control panel are to be found. For ease of maintenance and support the system can be controlled remotely, without the need of visiting the building.

Several scenarios have been designed and programmed for the users to choose from depending on the activity on Campus. The fine-tuned Base scenario is static, while the Activity scenario with a gentle dynamic shimmer at the top can be activated to communicate to by-passers that there is activity going on inside the dome right now. These two default scenarios came out beautiful, contrasting the industrial brick building in a drastic, yet sophisticated and interesting way. Individuals traveling on adjacent roads are sure to have their curiosity aroused!

Furthermore, a handful of expressive theme-based scenarios intended to be used shorter periods have been programmed as per the clients request. Amongst these you will find Northern Lights, Pride and Meteor.

Luminance levels and illumination times has been carefully evaluated. Whilst turned on with a astronomical clock, its set to slowly fade two hours before finally turning off completely (at a decided time).

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