Nature has been inspiring artists and designers for hundreds of years. In both art and design, clouds have been depicted many times. However, this time, the designer decided to show not only their general nature or association, but their specific types. Only experts know how the individual clouds differ and what impact they have on the upcoming weather, what changes they herald. Sometimes they are an omen of good, other times they are an ominous warning. Cumulonimbus is a cloud composed of layers one above the other with a clearly vertical structure, often spatial sculptures floating in the sky. The material used in this lamp is delicate and fragile hand-molded glass, partly transparent, partly delicately white. Thanks to this, the light scatters irregularly and softly, creating additional reflections, additional clouds on the walls and ceiling. Multiplying lamps can create compositions of white clouds announcing good weather in our home. The central element of the lamp is an integrated, energy-saving LED source, depending on the room with a light colour of 3000K or 4000K. The designer is working on the entire collection, which is to be shown in 2023. The first of them, the Cumulonimbus chandelier, can be seen now.

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