Imagine the brilliant Arctic sky, glowing with the polar light’s colourful swirls. Be inspired by the grandeur that nature shares to bring this dazzling energy into a room. With Crystal Spin, Preciosa’s latest Signature Design, delightful lighting visions come to life.

Crystal Spin is a flexible design concept, shifting in space through shape and sparkle. It is a linear design featuring two important parts in terms of structure and design. First are the crystal cylinder components. Designers can choose the rod, colour, and finish to create the style and artistry they desire. Second, Crystal Spin’s frame is not simply a functional support. This is the main bearing the glass components are suspended from. Designers have more flexibility to create and shape a lighting installation to match their vision and space. From a design perspective, the final look results in a volume of components on a vertical level. You can create a large installation for a public area, or a more modest version for smaller spaces.

There are a variety of options to choose from to create your perfect Crystal Spin. After deciding on the ideal composition, designers can choose the component size, density, colour and surface treatment, wire frame geometry and finish, suspension type, and lighting effect.

The design team’s inspiration came from two different but equally beautiful natural elements: icicles and the polar lights. Crystal Spin’s handcrafted cylinders create sparkle, like the winter sun reflecting off strands of ice. Crystal Spin’s flexibility is reminiscent of the swirls of light created when the polar lights appear; the alluring dance these flashes of light seem to do across the sky. Crystal Spin brings this fascination to any space.

Crystal Spin’s cylinders are handcrafted from the finest Bohemian crystal. This results in slight, natural variants which accentuates the beauty of the crystal. Each crystal component has an LED chip which injects light into it. With each component being individually illuminated, multiple components can be hung on one suspension. The installation can be static, dynamic, or interactive.

“Crystal Spin is an energetic concept; it resonates with light and sparkle,” said Michael Vasku, Creative Director for Preciosa Lighting and one of the designers of Crystal Spin. “The flexibility of Crystal Spin’s structure brings luxury crystal lighting designs to unexpected places. We believe our approach will be as inspiring to designers as it was to us.

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