Located in the distributor axis of Barcelona, in the Alta Diagonal office building we can find the new restaurant Croma by Flash Flash.

Successor of the 1969 iconic restaurant in Barcelona, Flash Flash, projected by Alfonso Mila and Federico Correa which bases its design on the photography of Leopoldo Pomes with a strong aspect of graphic design, represented by Karin Leiz silhouette. Croma reinterprets the concept updating it to the current time. It introduces the Kodak colour of the photographic reels boxes along with a range of greys and adding more colours, alluding to another project by the architects, Llamazares i Pomes.

The light works as an axis that generates environments. One of the main elements are the skylights, designed to keep the cosy and comfortable aspect of the predecessor. They had been converted in light boxes that together with the mirrors and figures feed the dreamlike aspect of the restaurant. It creates infinite images that will surprise the client. The skylights perimeter has been used to locate the spotlights, with which we can add to the contrast of the general and soft light creating a point of attention to the gastronomy.

The star of the project falls back to the flash recreation. It’s the strong brand of Flash Flash restaurant that in the Croma has been updated by converting the diffuse light wall light fixture into indirect light.

The facade alludes the interior project with a dynamic sequence of flashes that invite you to enter into the restaurant as if it were a red carpet.

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