‘Crizzle’ is a design that fuses contemporary styling and traditional glassmaking processes to create a perfect ambience. The design principal considers longevity, minimal energy consumption and digital control. It is modular pendant that can be offered in whatever combination the client chooses or created as a bespoke chandelier design made solely for the client’s home.

After experimenting with how the LED transmits through and emanates from the glass, we concealed the light source within the polished metal collar. Researching this design, we focused on how light plays through a clear substrate; noting how it naturally passes straight through unless it hits an interrupter, a scratch, mark or blemish. In ‘Crizzle’ the LED shines down through a cross section in the ‘neck’, only creating light when it hits one of the minute cracks within the blown glass body. These fissures then manifest as mottled details when projected onto nearby walls.

This is not a new process and dates all the way back to Roman craftsman, yet we still produce it in the same way, plunging the glass at around 950 degrees c into cool water, before ’healing’ the surfaces with successive re-heats.

We usually mix two LED colours, usually 3000K and 5000k; when combined they produce a balanced output, leaning towards a neutral with a hint of warmth.

Although we have been experimenting with variations of the ‘Crizzle’ Design for a while we recently upgraded the integral light source to a new Rebel +, a brighter chip with a more focused secondary lens system, giving a much brighter output. As regards energy efficiency; it’s a definite selling point to let the client know that a 3m long chandelier consumes less energy than a single halogen bulb. We build our own LED units and everything is made in the UK except for the minute diode.

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