Whether performing its role on stage or mounted in a cabinet, the CQSA-E is a highly adaptable lighting control interface that offers a multitude of functionality for both live applications and fixed installations. Its Ethernet port enables remote access and communication anywhere on a network. Connecting to a WiFi router allows for wireless configuration and control by Android and iOS mobile devices using the Wi-Light 2 app.

Standalone programming and live control are accomplished using Chromateq software (LED Player, Pro DMX, Studio DMX or Pixxem) running on Windows, Mac or Linux platforms. Hardware capabilities and software features are highly integrated to simplify implementation of the extensive range of functions and trigger options that make this interface a versatile multiprotocol hub:

• DMX: In/Out, Split, Merge, Record, Trigger, Stand Alone

• Art-Net: In/Out, Record, Node (Art-Net to DMX converter), Stand Alone

• Stand Alone Triggers: RTC (Real-Time Clock), Calendar, Dry contacts, JSON, UDP

• Software Triggers: MIDI, Sound-to-Light, BPM, UDP

Combining simplicity and scalability, the CQSA-E can be easily programmed as a simple push-button standalone controller to play scenes and custom colors stored in its ten pages of internal memory, or deployed as multiples in larger systems that will benefit from its master/slave option and expandable microSD card memory. For example, up to 16 daisy-chained CQSA-E can be configured in master/slave mode, with each CQSA-E sending 8 universes of Art-Net over Ethernet from their microSD cards.

Other notable mentions:

• Multiple zones, one controller: Up to 5 zones can be defined, allowing a single standalone CQSA-E to play up to 5 different scenes/sequences simultaneously.

• Automatic Scene Recovery in the event of power loss.

• Optional add-ons: infrared remote sensor/control, ambient light level sensor

• SDK available for coding custom UDP/Ethernet triggers and commands

The CQSA-E is an essential tool designed to meet the needs of the widest array of lighting projects, performances and installations.

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