Nature is capricious, sometimes perfect and sometimes imperfect. For this piece we chose its imperfection, a marvellous breakage and asymmetry of the natural stone that show the passage of time in this material.

Coster Stone is made up of two main materials, natural stone and beech wood. Campaspero (Valladolid) is a small village in the centre of Spain, where this marvellous natural limestone is born, compact, resistant and with a varied range of white and grey colours. Its origin is sedimentary and it began to form 8 million years ago, which is why we can find fossils in its interior.

The beech wood blends in with the natural stone. In Spain, there are numerous beech forests, and it is a highly valued and protected species. Its wood is characterised by its light tonality and excellent behaviour to the different finishes.

We have sought and found authenticity with this piece, its breakage is unique, no two pieces can be the same. To complement the natural stone, we have chosen beech wood, forming straight and simple lines between both materials, transmitting design, purity, art and timelessness.

The warm, indirect light comes from the stone through the wooden slats, achieving a cosy, enveloping effect, with smoky touches of light. This piece has become a work of art in a private residential interior in Madrid, around which radials of light emanate and merge from all angles of the piece.

It could be a light sculpture, as our slogan says, “Art that illuminates”.

It took around 6 months from the first drawing of the design until the work was finished. It was made to measure and included challenges inherent to natural stone, looking for its asymmetry we found new ideas, arriving at this unique work.

In the studio, we always work with natural materials, focusing on sustainability and environmentally friendly processes. In this design, all the material that dresses and surrounds the led is 100% of natural origin.

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