The Danish capital’s people and its many visitors once again experienced fantastic light effects on the city’s architecture during Copenhagen Light Festival in February 2020.

February provided fabulous conditions for great light experiences along the harbour front and in the old city centre, as well as oases around the town, such as Refshale Island. The festival’s signature green laser beam drew a new course over the staging of the city’s beautiful old buildings, architectural city squares and the canals of the medieval town, highlighting the city from Tivoli to Refshale Island and making a sharp bend inside one of the city’s tallest buildings, Danhostel.

The Winter in Tivoli initiative held a celebration of light during the same period as Copenhagen Light Festival, thereby contributing to a rich and voluminous light experience in the city’s February darkness.

Guests were able to experience the works of light-art on the festival’s guided tours by walking, cycling, sailing, on boat or kayaking. The app, Within10Minutes – Copenhagen Light Festival, gave guests the option to wander from the guided tours, but still be aided and see each light-work’s position, in relation to where they were at the time.

The historical building Børsen was the chosen venue for the festival’s opening, wrapped in tones of blue, with its mainly renaissance windows, while at Kayak Bar, Stromma offered tours around the canals. Throughout the whole festival, pop-up events and special happenings attracted great interest both at home and internationally.

The Wave by the art group Vertigo, an impressive light installation re-emerged with a revised light and sound side on Ofelia Square and was staged by The Royal Theatre and Jeudan.

Copenhagen Light Festival was supported by the sponsorship and hosting of a wide network of artists, designers and light hosts, as well as Copenhagen’s cultural and business sectors: Tivoli, Louis Poulsen, Stromma Danmark Canal Tours, Dansk Erhverv (Danish Chamber of Commerce), By & Havn (City and Harbour), BLOX, Glyptoteket, Danhostel, Refshale Island’s Property Company, Kulturhuset Islands Brygge (Culture House Iceland’s Wharf), City area Sundby, Sluseholmen, KBH Commerce & Culture and Copenhagen’s City Council.

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