The opportunity to work on the lighting for the rebirth of a cultural icon in Rio de Janeiro, the Copacabana Palace Theatre, was a great honour. Closed since 1994, this jewel is located inside the glamorous Copacabana Palace, a Belmond hotel.

Our project’s goal was to express the beauty of the architecture and interiors in a delicate, almost silent way.
Latest lighting industry innovation tools were used to maximize efficiency, while at the same time preserving the classic aesthetic desirable at this historic place.

Warm tones of light, ranging from 2700K to 3000K, create the appropriate ambience. The combination of general diffuse lighting with specific grazing effect on strategic chosen surfaces enhance visual hierarchy while adding depth and elegant drama.

Care was taken that all the beams of light meet their precise destination.

In the main room, we intentionally kept the ceiling silent by using fixtures with maximum glare control that light up the vertical wooden surfaces by reflection, leaving the focus to the cabin transparency as well as the most important feature, the proscenium with its beautiful green velvet curtain.

Specially designed fixtures were developed to add personality and sparkle.

A very special one, named Amazonita and developed in collaboration with the architect, celebrates our Brazilian gems, using green and white quartz crystal, embedded on a brass frame.

Collaboration was in fact a key-word in this project. A very special team worked in great synchrony to deliver the best possible version of this “carioca” landmark.

Architecture, interiors, lighting, managing, visual identity, controls and specially the client, placed their love to the task beside the professional skills.

The culmination of such process delivers to the public a sensorial spectacle, in which the role played by light is the one of revealing surfaces and materials by means of a lighting system that provides appropriate light levels and comfort.

The show must go on! Now, more than ever.

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