The Concord TubiXx from Concord by Sylvania seamlessly fuses a classic design with contemporary technology. Perfect for hospitality environments as well as a plethora of other settings, the Concord TubiXx brings a warm and decorative lighting atmosphere. It will add to any architectural setting thanks to its sleek and clean design, making a stylish statement whilst blending into its surroundings. Its small footprint further adds to its appeal.

Available in a number of different colour finishes, with anodised or painted reflectors, as well as various colour temperatures, the look of the TubiXx can be highly customised to existing or planned interior design. These include a black body with a gold reflector, a white body with white reflector and white body with black reflector. The variety of options ensure the TubiXx can suit modern or more classic designs, while still offering all of its unrivalled benefits.

The TubiXx can be chosen in either a pendant or surface mounted version; further adding to its flexibility and variability.

The eco-credentials of the TubiXx are some of the best in the industry, driven by Concord by Sylvania’s commitment to sustainability and providing luminaires that are fit for the future. This is demonstrated by its specification of 1361lm @ 14W, with efficacy up to 97lm/W and L90B10 of 50,000 hours. With a CRi 90, LED low flicker of <5%, and LED colour consistency between luminaries <3 SDCM, as well as glare control: <16, the quality of TubiXx are very clear.

Available in 2700K, 3000K and 4000K with Tridonic ready2mainsTM dimming, the TubiXx has everything you need.

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