Solstice is a comprehensive Downlights family, specially developed for the architectural specification market. The range is a one stop option for architects and lighting designers who are looking for a minimalistic, environmentally friendly, yet distinguishable design across one shared design platform.

High efficiency and energy saving

Solstice has been developed around a bespoke reflector system which achieves class leading performance – of 141lm/W at ambient temperature of 40°C. The product family uses the latest high-efficiency LED chips, which guarantee superior quality, reliability, and energy saving, coupled with long lifetime.

High visual comfort

Due to the deep and floating reflector design, Solstice has low glare light of UGR<19 for lumens lower than 2400lm with wide light distribution and beam angle of approximately 70 degrees. Solstice provides comfortable light with luminance level at 65 degrees below 300 cd/m2 for lumens <2400lm and below 1000 cd/m2 for lumens <6050lm.

Environmentally friendly design

The Solstice product family has an eco-friendly design, made with high-quality aluminium materials, which can be recycled almost 100% at the end of the product’s lifecycle. Solstice is manufactured in Newhaven, the UK, which ensures that the product remains close to our customers in Europe. Solstice is easy to disassemble for any future upgrade or change of parts. The product consists of separate reflector, heatsink and bezel components with snap fit design and no added glue.

Variety of choices and customisation

Ranging in body sizes from 150mm to 250mm cut out and from 1200lm to high performing 6000lm, the Solstice family offers specifiers a broad range of lighting tools from one shared platform. The range comes in black and white heat sink colours and four reflector colours. The product family has round and square recessed options with more mounting choices to follow soon.

Smart lighting control options

All versions of Solstice can be controlled with either DALI or SylSmart drivers, ensuring significant energy savings, increasing productivity, and improving occupants’ wellbeing. The SylSmart enabled versions can be controlled with an easy-to-use mobile app or desktop software.

More natural light – no blue peak

LumiNature enabled with Human Centric Lighting, Tuneable White and CRI97 3000K/4000K versions are available in both 150mm and 200mm. LumiNature lighting delivers a complete and balanced spectral distribution with all colours of light more evenly represented while eliminating the blue peak.

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