Beacon Muse Xicato is the newest addition to the innovative and award-winning Beacon Muse spotlight range from Concord by Sylvania. The Beacon Muse Xicato boasts improved optical control and ultra-high colour rendering, while providing an exciting accent and display lighting tool, that blends cutting-edge LED technology with tried and tested lens principles to create a fully adjustable spotlight.

The unique soft-touch ring of the Beacon Muse Xicato enables the end-user to manually adjust the beam from a wide flood without the need of any additional lenses or reflectors. There are two options in the range, so you can choose from the Beacon Muse which has a range of Beam angle adjustability from 8° up to 52° and from 10° up to 72° with the Beacon XL Muse.

As an integrated LED spotlight, the Beacon Muse Xicato has a compact and minimalist design, and its die-cast aluminium body has passive cooling heatsink. Available in 3000K, 3500K and 4000K the luminaire can meet the needs of any project.

Offering an ultra-high CRI of 98, the Beacon Muse Xicato ensures vibrant colours over all 99 TM-30 colour samples. This makes it the ideal spotlight for a range of applications including museums, galleries and retail settings, where the highest quality of light is required.

Snap fit accessories include an elongation lens, honeycomb filter and snoot, all adding to the flexibility offered by the Beacon Muse Xicato. A monopoint accessory is also available for surface mounting.

The Beacon Muse Xicato offers IR/UV free light source without heat radiation underpinned with a long lifetime of >50,000 hours life at 70% of original output (L70B50). Furthermore, the integral LED technology provides an energy efficient solution with reduced maintenance costs. The Beacon Muse Xicato is also available with on-board dimming potentiometer through DALI or Casambi Wireless dimming on request.

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