Life is defined by experiences, interactions, memories. Preciosa Lighting’s mission is to connect people through light. We do do this through interactive crystal and lighting installations which create memories and drive emotion. The team aims to give people the opportunity to perceive space with more emotions or senses than just the eyes. Composition in Crystal uses sound to engage visitors. The sounds don’t only support the installation; they are central to the design–to translate music into a light.

Designed by Preciosa Lightings’s Creative Directors, Michael Vasku and Andreas Klug, in collaboration with the award winning sound artist Juraj Mravec, Composition in Crystal represents a harmonious balance of art and design enlightened by light, sound, and music.

This large-scale exhibition consists of outside ‘rings’–reminiscent of sound waves–and an inner heart beating with rhythm. This heart is divided into three playable sections. In one section, the lengths of the components are adjusted to fit the real musical scale. Those knowledgeable about music were able to play simple melodies using a mallet. Two other sections are playable too; no musical expertise is required. Every time a rod is hit, a physical tone is heard, but the action also triggered a sound sequence of an orchestra. Dozens of sample song bits were created and programmed into the installation. A different sample played every time a component was hit, and the layering of the sound sequences created a robust composition of cheerful, light sounds. Fresh, fun tune were composed by everyone who chose to play and explore.

All the sounds were translated into light which travelled through the outer components surrounding the visitors. The rings were arranged, so the centre wasn’t easily seen, but its glow was meant to draw you in, compelling you to explore the installation.The overalll immersive experience touches your soul and your inner child.

Mr. Vasku says: “Everyone was invited to this immersive experience whether you’re a musician or not. Visitors could jump into the role of a conductor by simply interacting with the crystal components and creating beautiful sound sequences.”

The installation itself was crafted from 945 crystal bubbled cylinder components individually hung on a custom metal frame. It was a mix of analog and digital. Hitting certain pre-tuned components, tunes can be clearly heard. The action of hitting the components also set off a light and sound response. The light response was the visualization of sound waves coming out of an instrument. A bespoke control system was designed to create the lighting effects, and the company collaborated with an award-winning sound designer to style the music.

Composition in Crystal in numbers:

– 7 meters diameter
– 3 meters height
– 5 rings
– 1 interactive heart of the installation
– 945 crystal bubbled components made of finest Bohemian crystal
– 1700 kilograms weight

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