Coil Collection Naturals is LightArt’s newest addition to Coil Collection, their breakthrough line of fixtures made from upcycled waste. Inspired by the look of ceramic pottery and nature’s color scape, LightArt introduces Coil Collection Naturals with calming new colors, bold new shapes and sizes, and efficient performance lighting technology. The Coil Collection Naturals pushes the boundaries of upcycled waste by incorporating color, new forms, and sizes unfamiliar to recycled materials repurposed into lighting.

The collection is the byproduct of years of meticulous internal research & development, bringing together material science and design to produce 3D-printed pendants out of the company’s recycled waste. Coil Collection Naturals shares the same hand-spun, ceramic look of LightArt’s original Coil Collection and builds on its guiding principles, engineered alongside parent company 3form. The new lighting pushes the boundaries in collaboration with expert polymer companies across the US to tap into collective expertise and drive for innovation. The pendants are made from internal waste material and highlight LightArt’s innovative development process. LightArt pelletizes the waste material and sorts it by color through new technology before introducing pigment and a matting agent for its final form. The company continually strives to manufacture lighting that is net positive in climate, waste, and energy.

Coil Collection Naturals come in three timely, grounding colors that evoke a sense of calm and comfort in their viewers, building on the ongoing desire for moments of serenity and biophilic design in commercial, hospitality, healthcare and residential settings. The pendants find their inspiration through natural qualities found in our surrounding environment—Red Clay, Limestone, and Granite Gray. After a year spent indoors, LightArt sought out to create a collection intended to extend beyond its function to provide moments of serenity and emotional reflection.

The Naturals are available in four new, recognizable shapes that suit a larger scale environment—looking to pottery, geometry, and soft curves for its newest inspiration. Produced at a larger size than the original collection, the Naturals respond to a hole in the market looking for sustainable lighting better suited for commercial applications. Designers can now choose from a wider variety of options with the introduction of color and larger forms.

LightArt’s Coil Collection Naturals is assembled with a PVC-free cord and finished with a TGIC-free powder-coated hardware. The fixtures come with RoHS compliant parts and a stainless steel cable that is infinitely adjustable to allow flexibility on site. The pendants come in the following sizes: 6″Dia x 24″H, 16″Dia x 24″H, 17″Dia x 20″H, and 22″Dia x 11″H. LightArt strives to build all fixtures to the DECLARE label standards with red-list-free ingredients. This new launch reinforces LightArt at the forefront of recycled lighting, reflective of a broader company initiative within the family of 3form companies to up the stakes on responsible manufacturing and sustainability: Align.

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