The design for the Munich-based Cœur Tagesbar is based on a simple brief from the client: to optimize a small and intricate space. We discovered our solutions through chromated steel panels, mirrored surfaces, as well as circular and spherical shapes. Drawing inspiration from nature, we employed a biological phenomenon as a metaphor: differential growth. Similar to corals or the human brain, we maximized the use of limited space. This concept was incorporated into the hemispherical light installation positioned above the “open bar” as a centerpiece. Thanks to the reflective ceiling, the installation resembles a glowing sphere in an expansive space.

The 28-metre-long CNC-cut fabric, mounted inside a recessed rail, traces the growth pattern. Eighteen light sources are carefully integrated into the pleated fabric to illuminate the sphere. Three electrical circuits control two RGB units and one LED unit, allowing for different atmospheres on the counter below. Additionally, two custom-made, 3D-printed pendant lights continue the theme of both the sphere and the growth pattern.

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