Cobra Pro IP66, by formalighting, is the perfect solution for illumination achieved through external cove lighting that produces an indirect lighting effect. Its flexible structure maintains a constant pitch between LED, ensuring a continuous illumination without any shadows or dark areas, creating a wall-grazing effect for columns and curved architectonic surfaces.

This system can bend flexibly due to the articulated friction joint design connecting the heat-sink modules. With this flexibility, the system can follow complex curved building profiles – ideal for lighting columns or any other curved architectural feature. The fixture is hand bendable on site, allowing the designer and end user to customise the curve required to achieve the desired effect.

Cobra Pro IP66 has a flexible structure that maintains a constant 38mm pitch between the LED. Using 3000K 90CRI white-light LEDs, the Cobra PRO IP66 can provide up to 5,100 Lumens per meter when run at 44 Watts per meter. Its modules contain two LED per link, available in different length configurations based on an 83mm link. Cobra Pro provides various beam angles from 17 to 29 degrees, and elliptical beam options for highly controlled lighting effects.

Glare is effectively controlled with anti-glare snoots with louvre blades, and the fixture also includes a separate dimming channel and a variety of dimming options, including CASAMBI, 1-10V, DMX, and DALI. The fixture also includes air valves, which assist with manging air flow in suspended lighting installations.

Cobra PRO IP66 can be used for a variety of large-scale exterior architectural lighting projects requiring wall-grazing and wall-wash lighting where the building surfaces are nonlinear with curved profiles. This includes cove lighting, residential lighting, hospitality lighting, and illumination for museums and galleries.

Another advantage is that this luminaire is available with plastic free packaging, as part of formalighting’s commitment to sustainability and the circular economy. The company is working towards its goal of using completely plastic-free packaging for all products and making sustainable actions in new product lines.

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