Claridge’s Restaurant, a brasserie style restaurant that references the historical art deco features of the hotel while being a contemporary dining destination.

Bryan O’Sullivan Studio’s contemporary takes on art deco elements appear in the bespoke carpet design and mosaic tile floor. The carpet design draws inspiration from the art deco era, incorporating geometric shapes and bold colours, while the timber flooring gives a nod to the chequered flooring that is synonymous with the hotel.

HUGO LIGHT DESIGN Ltd worked closely with Bryan O’Sullivan Studio and Blair Associates Architecture Ltd to deliver unobtrusive lighting to the restaurant accentuating the key Art Deco features of the building and interior design which had previosly been lost in the past. Working with black and white photo’s from the 1950’s and updating, re-creating and celebrating key listed features within the space while concealing the light sources as much as possile within.
Doors to the kitchen and PDR play an important role as a focal point within the space with the elaborate illuminated coloured Glass architrave surround.

Central banquette seating offers a more intimate and private dining experience while the perimeter banquettes offer attractive viewing points to take in the design elements of the restaurant. Pin spots from the coves in the ceiling illuminate the centre of tables providing focus to columns, niches and flower decorations. Key pieces of artwork are illuminated and powered by TM Lighting powered picture rails and Slim Light Pro picture lights provide reflected light off the walls creating the illusion of more space and reflected light to the space which is calmer and shadowless. A Private Dining Room offers a space for a more exclusive dining experience while retaining the design qualities and brasserie feel of the main restaurant.

The six art deco inspired skylights were uncovered from a previous iteration of the restaurant and helped influence elements of our design, they are backlit with tuneable white light with a high colour rendering set at 2700K during daylight hours and dropping down to 2500K at dusk and 2300K extra warm white after dark creating a very warm and welcoming environment for the guests and boosting the light levels when necessary.

3 Large bespoke mirrors opposite the windows help reflect the natural light during the day service while during the night, will help enhance the atmosphere by reflecting the warm glow from the lamps.

The main room pendants are inspired by Joseph Hoffman but we wanted to add a touch of Claridges to these to make them more at home in the hotel. The addition of the tassels references the tassels found throughout the hotel both in metal work and plaster mouldings. They also reference 30’s -40’s Austrian brasserie design.

The back bar shelving is made with brass elements and hand cast glass which is edge illuminated to allow the bottles to glow and further enhance the sparkle of the bar.

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