The project is located in the central area of Shanghai, within the commercial circle of Nanjing West Road. It has an extremely good geographical localization where is close to Plaza 66 and Meilong Town Square.

This transformation is a renewal design unified interior and exterior of the original building, which breaks and renovates original form. The architecture design expresses the original shopping mall style by the diversified design methods according to the concept of pixel city.

When entering the shopping mall, compared with the old and dark environment before, it can be seen that whole scene is refreshed. Lighting matching interior design has appropriately planned the brightness and colors to each space. Considering that the increased brightness of the interior space of the mall and the integrity of the ceiling inside the mall, the lights design starts from the whole, and reasonably arrange the lighting layout and hide lights properly, aiming to build the most comfortable lighting environment in the shopping mall. Regarding the local treatment of elevator hall and escalator, the refined design is also achieved. From entrance hall to inner space, the LED screen full of style is the key highlight of whole sapce. The LED screen, going through whole mall, reflecting a more vivid theme scene in the later operation process. The combination of screen and regular lighting also brings various light themes to the interior space.

The integrity and refinement of light design is the key point in building a night lighting environment for shopping mall. In the renewal process of who architecture, the design concept and methods of lights also expressed the spirit of leading design trend.

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