For hundreds of years, watch makers worldwide have innovated, collaborated, and dedicated their time to keep up with constant development to create the best possible product for their customer. Hera LED was inspired by this tradition, when it created, and now offers you, Chronopix®. With over 15 years’ experience and research, Hera LED is committed to innovation and bringing you the latest technology for transforming the future of dot fixtures. Get ready to meet a unique product with brand new patented technologies created by Hera LED engineers, specifically for Chronopix®. From brilliance to excellence, Hera LED proudly introduces Chronopix®, your new direct view dot solution for media architectural facade applications. Just imagine your project without limitations, discover our fully customizable and controllable Chronopix®, which exceptionally offers a lengthier dot chain, and a wide variety of pixel pitch options, giving more freedom and flexibility in your project designing.

You can join even 70 dots to 1-node and total length of leader cable and products span up to 170 meters. Chronopix® operates at 48V DC and has high-quality 16-bit per colour image processing technology.

We created four standard options for your LED colour, RGB, RGBW, RGBA, DW. If you need more options, we can offer alternative LED colours.

Our new superior technology Locked Connection System™ makes Chronopix® unique and highly competitive. In case of failure, maintenance is more manageable through Hera LCS™ technology. You will be surprised how easily only the defective upper module in the chain can be replaced by hand, without the need of a tool. There is no need to replace the entire chain, or entirely remove the dot, which proves to be difficult, time consuming and costly for large scale surfaces and high-rise structures.

Chronopix® is highly durable and has a robust structure with its IP67 protection class and IK10 impact resistance. Designed to meet extremely difficult requirements of outdoor facade applications, and resistant to impact, vibration and other harsh conditions, by its die-cast aluminium body.

Another feature that makes Chronopix unique is that it has our improved new Auto-Addressing technology. Forget about complex addressing systems. With the new smart Auto-addressing technology developed by Hera LED, addressing fixtures is now very easy. Thanks to our new smart addressing technology, each dot communicates with the dot in front and the consecutive dot in line, thereby renewing the address. In this way, you do not need to readdress when replacing a dot.

Chronopix® is compatible with the amazing RDM Monitoring feature, which enables remote monitoring by checking the system, relaying product information and reporting possible malfunctions and failure warning signals, via email. RDM Monitoring technology includes exclusive features, such as Voltage, Temperature, Status, Power Cycle, Life Cycle Monitoring.

Chronopix® is created in standard RAL codes for body colour. Additionally, we can produce Chronopix® in a special electrostatic powder paint of your choice. Textures, from marble surfaces to wood, we offer thousands of unlimited options. Let’s go beyond limits and choose extravagant texture coatings for feature projects.

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