In Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand, a private collector commissioned ‘INFUSION’ to design the lighting scheme for a private gallery. Consisting of a handmade rattan sculpture spanning over 120 meters and three main pods, 5 meters, 4 meters and 3.5 meters high respectively. This weaves through interconnected pavilions, enclosed by intricate tropical gardens with exterior sculptures and ornate water features.

The lighting concept centred on a continual passage of movement, guided by nature and the natural forms embodied in the composition of the rattan geometries. INFUSION aimed to breathe ‘life’ into the sculpture, to evoke a sense of wonder and discovery, revealing the numerous dynamic layers of this irregular noble material through light.

INFUSION aimed to deliver a subtle but ever-present dynamism through lighting controls, connecting, and disconnecting people and spaces, effectively in keeping with the design language of the surrounding environment. Exploring the contrasting textures and three dimensional forms creating not only a beautiful aesthetic but an emotional response to the spaces itself.

INFUSION took inspiration from nature with its ever-changing forms, the movement of clouds, steam and storms, our concept grew around creating a second sunset bringing to life the rattan, exporing the materials, evolving colours and organic shapes.

INFUSION’s intention was for the reflection pool to have the three-dimensional forms of the sculpture constantly present. Infusion considered the rattan as the primary layer of ambient lighting; it is in essence an enormous luminaire created from over two tonnes of natural rattan. Similar to traditional Thai lanterns casting playful deep shadows on the surrounding surfaces.

INFUSION sought to bring pleasure to the people using a culturally relevant and immersive space. Staying true to the all-natural materials, the traditional craftsmanship and the surrounding environment.

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