Chengdu High-tech Zone, from Tianfu Twin Towers in the east to Jiannan Avenue in the west, with a total length of about 1.7 kilometers. In terms of landscape design, the U-shaped space of the overall street is integrated to upgrade the landscape. Based on the slow traffic priority system, the streetscape is re-planned, and the public spaces on both sides of the road are integrated to create a diverse and dynamic public place. The night scene lighting design, relying on the light show of the Tianfu Twin Towers, creates the night view of the ring of Jiaozi, creating a commercial space with a very dynamic atmosphere.

The integrated design of landscape and lighting takes people’s feelings as the starting point and fully respects the purpose of space transformation. Garden lights ensures that the overall pathway is continuous and bright, and the leisure areas are rich and interesting. All kinds of commercial structures, advertising plaques and their internal lighting are considered as a whole, and decorative lighting is set up for roadside trees to add a commercial atmosphere.

The Ring of Jiaozi is not only a landmark of Jiaozi Financial Street, but also a piece of urban art. Through on-site light comparison and tests of different LED light sources, the color temperature that can restore the original color of the building is selected. The lighting design pays attention to the aesthetics of the appearance. Point light sources are dotted on the corridor frame, and the outline lights outline the architectural lines, forming a visual aesthetic effect of point-line-surface contrast. The pedestrian space of the corridor focuses on the visual comfort of visitors. The lamps are hidden under the trusses and railings, ensuring the functional lighting of the bridge deck, while also improving the landscape quality of the pedestrian space at night.

Since the Ring of Jiaozi is located at an intersection with heavy traffic, dynamic performance interaction must be balanced with the safety of driving. The outer ring area of the Jiaozi Ring is visible from the street, mainly expressing the aesthetic feeling of its shape. The strip-shaped wall washer lights in the bridge body area are installed downwards, and the light output angle is precisely adjusted to avoid glare to cars and pedestrians under the bridge and ensure travel safety. The dynamically changing lamps are concentrated in the inner ring area of Jiaozi Ring. The bird’s-eye view of the surrounding office buildings from the perspective of the pedestrian can make people enjoy the good relationship between the two buildings. interactive screen.

While balancing the primary and secondary relationship between the Ring of Jiaozi and the Tianfu Twin Towers, the designers satisfied the lighting design between the two buildings for sufficient visual interaction, taking the safety of the driving perspective. The project completed the original goal at a low cost, building a “new coordinate” where history, culture, and modern business converge, and the final effect exceeded the expectations of the owner and the designer and won the love of the public.

The designers involved in this project are Jing Guo, Jufeng Zhang, Lili Liu, Xinyue Zhang, Xudong Wang and Liang Lan.

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