Chameleon – Now you see me
Introducing Chameleon, a new family of the utmost modular luminaires.

To ewo, empowering wellbeing outdoors is the overriding principle behind every new product development. For the creation of Chameleon, ewo has looked to nature in its pursuit to developing a luminaire that is highly adaptable to its urban surroundings, just like the eponymous animal.

Chameleon is a whole new design ethos that manages to marry versatility with simplicity; the creation of a single luminaire that can manifest itself in countless form factors, applications and uses. Optical accessories including snoots and louvres help shape the light and prevent any light spill into the night sky. Transformative accessories help change the aesthetic and shape of the luminaire itself so it can adapt to its architectural context. They include lamp shades, trims and even shadow sails that fulfil an active function during the day by creating shade for urban dwellers to enjoy. The elegant luminaire design comes in clean lines and balanced proportions, highlighting a stylised heatsink aesthetic on its backside. While actually serving as such, the heatsink’s wide-stretched fins extend to form the projector’s hinge and adaptor, thus becoming an outstanding design characteristic of the luminaire. The thermally optimised heatsink and cooling ring create a chimney effect to keep electronic components cool.

With its unrivalled modularity, Chameleon uses a vast catalogue of mounting options, accessories, optics and finishes to adapt seamlessly to a plethora of applications including architectural, urban, and street lighting. The choice of 10 optical distributions including a novel extra narrow beam, wallwash and asymmetric road lighting optics ensures the right light for the right application. Dynamic lighting solutions are critical to ewo’s mission to empowering wellbeing outdoors, which led to a new lens development for Chameleon’s dynamic white and RGBW offering. This two-level light guiding lens achieves perfect colour mixing within the lens.

Chameleon is the first of its kind and its modular approach not only delivers high quality lighting solutions in a cohesive design language to outdoor spaces, the ability to maintain, upgrade and disassemble the product at the end of its lifetime also sets the bar for a more sustainable product design.

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