A Symphony of Light and Durability

Thorn Lighting presents the Cesar Opera – Drive Over luminaire for urban landscapes, mixed pedestrian / vehicular use spaces, residential projects, and public parks. At the heart of the luminaire lies an impressive set of attributes, elevating it to a class of its own.

The Cesar Opera – Drive Over offers a captivating interplay of form and function with its round shape, four different sizes, and a selection of four distinct beam angles. Whether aiming for a soft, diffused effect, a narrow beam, or an asymmetrical light distribution, architects have the creative freedom to craft unique visual experiences. The wide beam angle stands out, thanks to Cesar Opera’s innovative double inner reflector, providing a comfortable and broad illumination.

Cesar Opera stands out among its peers, boasting several key differentiators:

1. Unmatched Load Capacity

A true testament to its robust design, Cesar Opera – Drive Over sets a new standard with a best-in-class static and dynamic load capacity of 5000KG up to 3KMH, rigorously tested to EN60598-2-13, with an IK10 impact protection rating. This surpasses many other products on the market, where drive-over application data is rarely available and may not adhere to the same comprehensive testing standards.

2. Glare Control with Precision

For optimal user experience, the Cesar Opera – Drive Over achieves best-in-class glare control without compromising the light distribution. Light engines can be tilted to offer more accuracy for glare control and target lighting. Each beam angle variation is crafted for precise glare control. The narrow beam utilises a grid LED array with optics recessed behind the louvre. In contrast, the asymmetrical beam aligns the grid LED array with the louvre, directing light away from standard viewing angles. While the medium beam employs a deep-recessed COB light engine, ensuring unparalleled precision in directing light where it’s needed most.

3. Unrivalled Light Quality

Cesar Opera – Drive over sets the gold standard with best-in-class light quality, boasting a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of 90 and a narrow 3-step MacAdam Ellipse (3SDCM). This ensures that the luminaires deliver exceptional colour accuracy and consistency, meeting the stringent demands of architects and designers.

4. Comprehensive Family

Cesar Opera goes beyond a single product, offering a complete package: a family of luminaires, all equipped with Dali2 connectivity. This comprehensive range is designed for architects who aim to achieve a unified lighting design.

5. Enduring Reliability

Cesar Opera – Drive Over ensures enduring reliability with its Aqua-Stop system in the face of the elements. The luminaire comes factory-sealed – the package includes IP connectors that are potted during electrical connection, preventing water ingress, with an IP67 protection rating. This innovative approach guarantees longevity, making Cesar Opera a reliable choice for all outdoor lighting solutions.

Cesar Opera – Drive Over is not merely an outdoor recessed luminaire—it represents 95 years of dedication to innovation, durability, and design excellence. The Cesar Opera – Drive Over is ready to redefine the exterior lighting landscape with its unmatched load capacity, precision glare control, exceptional light quality and Aqua-Stop system.

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