The Centura 60 RGBW system is a visually elegant, flexible linear LED lighting system, designed to make complex designs simple.

The modular and linear LED lighting system incorporates high efficiency RGBW light engines and colour-mixing optics.

An articulated linkage-joint system between the 100 mm modules allows for the flexibility along the major axis required to easily follow curved surfaces, encircle columns and domes, and to make irregular-shaped pendants, all whilst offering excellent lighting control and uniformity.

The system is hand-bendable on-site, and each module can be locked in place using an Allen Key.

The Centura 60 system is available in both up-light and down-light versions, surface mounted or suspended with a downward light output of up to 3,000 lumens per Mtr with all LEDs on full power.
The system is ideal for a wide range of application areas including architectural, hospitality, leisure and retail.

As well as the flexible, hand-bendable versions, the system also includes bespoke fixed-shapes including curves, ellipses and rings of various sizes, using the same modular components.

The RGBW light engines for the Centura 60 System incorporate an array of 4 x Luxeon CZ RGBW LEDs with a highly efficient colour-blending Gaggione collimator lens. These lenses are available in a wide range of beam angle options including 7.5 degree narrow beam, 12 x 30 and 15 x 37 degree elliptical beam options.

Fixed-white and tuneable-white LED light engines are also available and work with the same range of Gaggione lenses to ensure that the different colour temperature light outputs are fully blended.

Module depth can be customised to give precise cut-off and glare-control.

White or RGBW accent light modules can also be incorporated within the modules to provide a complete lighting solution from one system.

The Centura 60 can be configured with remote drivers or integral Radiant LV constant current drivers. When used with integral LV drivers up to 10 Mtrs of the system can be run from a single remote LV power supply.

RGBW control options include both DMX and DALI. One remote Radiant colour-change kit can control up to 200 Mtrs of the system.

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