This house is located in Valle de Bravo, a beautiful forest near Mexico City that has been the retreat for many people that lives in the city and wants to have a weekend house there. The structure of the house is mainly wood and the full criteria was to have an architectonic design working with sustainable technologies talking about water treatment and energy so the lighting design was also crucial to achieve a house inserted in a respectful way in the middle of nature. The main idea for the lighting design was not to have any lighting fixtures on the wood ceiling so it could be clean and highlighted, so we decided to have mainly indirect lighting coming from the walls to avoid high levels of illumination in order to be able to do the activities inside the house but being able to enjoy the night atmosphere and let the owners rest which is the main purpose of the house. We designed and manufactured 95% of the lighting fixtures in this project so we could have direct and indirect lighting where needed and with the dimensions necessary so the fixtures integrated in the architecture perfectly. And last but not least the budget was very short, so we managed to work with local designers and manufacturers to make the best with very little trying to do a great design.

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