Life is defined by experiences, interactions, memories. Preciosa creates lighting with emotion, lighting that connects people, refined from their cultivation of the past. To emphasize the idea of the joy of light, visitors to Carousel of Light were guided through a sensory design journey.


Won’t you take a ride on our Carousel of Light? Enter the pearl curtain, our colourful lights will lead your path. As you wander through, the lights above light up, fading away as you move on. In addition, the carousel’s platform slowly rotates, creating a shared experience for everyone discovering the installation. Visitors can choose to walk through on their own or allow the carousel to move them through the lights. And of course, no carousel would be complete without horses. Visitors can ride the horses, creating a whole new experience for themselves and their fellow passengers.


Carousel of Light is composed of nearly 8000 spheres in opal, amber, clear and pink frosted hues, stretching eight metres in diameter. The spheres are hung in groups of four, almost 2000 suspensions in total.

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