The Canadian Parliament’s West Block committee rooms integrate high-level TV broadcast lighting into an alluring tapestry-like ceiling, seamlessly merging functionality and aesthetics.

With controlled subterranean environment and no daylight interference, the committee rooms may seem ideal for TV broadcast. However, the low ceiling height (2.4m) poses a significant challenge by not providing adequate space for light to spread out. Moreover, the committee rooms are used for multiple functions—including Parliamentary committee meetings, presentations with theater style seating, and official receptions—each of which entails different furniture configurations and unique illumination requirements.

The committee rooms’ user-friendly solution accounts for the various lighting conditions required for multiple arrangements of the space, while creating a dynamic focal point in otherwise aesthetically unstimulating environments. The interior design of the ceiling pattern coordinates precisely with the lighting layout, resulting in a sculpted, geometric ceiling with medallions of light. Diamond-shaped ceiling panels undulate and open at their center, revealing a starburst of light within. Filters diffuse light to create additional depth and texture to the ceiling while controlling contrast ratios.

Small-aperture luminaires, grouped in clusters, are integrated within the patterned ceiling and aimed to provide ideal HDTV broadcast lighting conditions—accounting for higher frame rates and ensuring subjects do not appear flat on camera. The angles of the luminaires have been precisely calculated with lasers to determine optimum broadcast lighting of the numerous potential camera subjects. Each luminaire has a DMX address and is individually dimmed and controlled to accommodate various room configurations without physically re-aiming the lights. This level of control also increases energy efficiency by limiting usage to the unique demands of each scenario.

The choreographed integration of light transforms the ceiling into harmonious, textile-like surface. This patterned canvas creates a visually stimulating experience, while remaining highly adaptable to an array of lighting demands.

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