Hera LED is proud of illuminating the most spectacular tower in Europe with its premium architectural facade lighting products and dynamic lighting applications.

Camlica Radio & TV Tower is located on Camlica Hill, which is one of the most popular places in Istanbul that offers visitors an amazing view of the magnificent Bosphorus. The tower is 369m high and is located on the highest point above sea level. Visitors are able to see a panoramic view of Istanbul from the viewing terraces, which are located at the top of the tower. In addition to its unique and high-tech structure, this telecommunication tower is capable of broadcasting 100 FM radio stations simultaneously, for the first time in the world. This tower has become a symbol of Istanbul, displaying a brilliant visual impact with HERA’s products and lighting design.

The facade lighting project, consists of around 62,000 pixels with specially designed SWORD®RGBW fixtures, covering an area of 6200m. At the top, the antenna section is surrounded by 36 pcs. of single colour-cool white, narrow beam PROCOLOR®AC floodlights. The new RDM Monitoring technology used in this project, controls the products and the entire system. This technology enables the system to be monitored remotely and is able to provide information about the products when needed and respond in case of failure.

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