This custom lighting vision and installation was created by the minds of R2 Architects and Caesars Design & Construction in collaboration with Century Lighting. The design intent of this fixture was to create an extension of the Three Maidens sculpture below as well as accentuating the massive 65ft ceiling at the rotunda entrance in Caesars Atlantic City, NJ. This 40ft high by 12ft diameter lighting feature included twenty extruded metal rings containing 920ft of integrated LED strips and 9,235 various styles and sizes of faceted crystal. The design teams’ vision was to have the rings act as halo’s fluttering in the air above the maiden’s extended arms as they danced under the “crystal rain”.

Century Lighting worked for months alongside Caesars Design & Construction coordinating with Weatherby Construction, Calvi Electric, the team’s structural engineers, custom winch manufacturer as well as an assortment of crucial trades to finalize our fixture’s construction and plans for the eventual installation process. Century had designed and engineered every aspect of the fixture to allow for each component to be individually serviceable in the future which would facilitate maintenance within the challenging open-air environment that it would be installed within. We are truly grateful and honored to be partners within this awe-inspiring space.

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