Cachalot is a portable, battery-powered lighting system based on the sperm whale. The light source, with a color temperature of 2000K, provides up to 24 hours of illumination on a 3-hour charge. The compact size of 285X59X102 (including charge stand), weighing 450g, is IP43 waterproof, making it safe for outdoor use.

Original light source developed for “Cachalot”

The rod (Cylindrical LED light source), which emits a warm light symbolizing life, ins an original light source developed for “Cachalot”.
The frame has extremely fine detailing with precious metal working.

Pure, crystal clear acrylic light shade

The light shade, in the shape of a transparent sperm whale, is made of high purity acrylic using a special molding process.

Zinc die-cast base that stands out for its beauty

The base is a massive zinc die-cast with a copper-plated finish.

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