The new C1-micro-LC LED spotlight is one of the smallest spotlight in the market. A modular spotlight for museums, architecture and public space, especially designed for use in showcases. Designed, manufactured and assembled in Germany.

With its height of only 26mm and 14x14mm in diameter reduced to the absolute minimum and is especially suitable for smallest lighting solutions where the light source is discreetly recessed without limiting its function. It can easily be mounted without tools.

It’s equipped with a high-power LED and available in the following colour temperatures: 2700K, 3000K, 4000K or 5700K (+/- 100K). The luminous flux is ~50 lm measured at 3000K and with 30° lens, and a max. power consumption of 1W. The CRI is typically 97, R9˃90, R12˃90. 

The spotlight head can be rotated by 360°, swivelled by 90°, be fitted with up to 8 different optics with beam angels of 15°, 18°, 30°, 45°, 80°, sculpture lenses of 47° +25°, 40° +10°, and further accessories options such as honeycomb grid, anti-glare tube, inclined tube, barn door and diffusor foil are available. The housing colour is available in anodised aluminium black, silver or gold finish, other RAL colours in powder-coated finish are available on request.   

Fitted on magnetic track (11-7mm) for connection for 9-12V DC and it can be positioned freely in any direction. All spotlights on the magnetic track can be dimmed in a group externally via a PWM power supply.

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