If you have passed through the winding mountain roads, you have probably seen a part where the green colour of the forest, the plain or the trees have been burned and damaged. One of the common causes of these ugly scenes is fuel tank trucks. Many fuel tank truck trailers lose control of the vehicle while passing through these roads’ bends, which have caused severe environmental pollution, destruction, or even accidents, deaths, and fires in some cases. In one case, it caused the painful destruction of a village.
These cases are seen more in the west of Iran and the provinces of Kurdistan, West Azerbaijan, and Khuzestan, especially for fuel tank truck that enter Iran from its west borders.

The main concept arising from the above-mentioned issues tries to describe the effect of these oils on the environment, and light has an emphasizing role. In this design, the dried trunk of an oak was used, which was obtained from the Kurdistan region. In the preparation of materials, we tried not to use new materials as much as possible. In this regard, burnt oil was collected as the main material for the concept and a second-hand engine was used to pump it to the top of the tree. To show the effects of plastics and petrochemicals on the nature and life of trees, plexiglass sheets were used on the body of the tree. The placements of these sheets are similar to the branches of a tree.

From the top of the tree, the oil is poured on the plexiglass plates and gradually returns to the oil tank below it and is directed upwards again by the pump. This cycle continues until over time in such a way that more trees and branches are drowned in burnt oil, as one of the nature pollutant factors, so that it will be a symbol of what humanity brings about from its selfishness and lack of attention to coexistence with nature and animals.

For this design and its video, based on the folk music of Kurdistan, a soundtrack was created by one of the group members and his professor.

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