“The Buriana” is an Italian term that describes a sudden storm capable of transforming a peaceful, sunny day into a tumultuous and disorderly gust of wind. Conceptually, the restaurant embraces the culinary diversity of Italy, mixed by the storm with other world culinary cultures, accompanied by lighting that reinforces the passage of the storm throughout its spaces. Inside, the storm evolves, represented by the movement of the luminaires, where the warm light fixtures are arranged from a Cartesian order in the kitchen, passing through random chaos in the main dining area, to a sinuous wave-like motion in the bar. Each space sequentially represents an “instant” of the storm.

KITCHEN: This is where Buriana originates. It is the most active space illuminated like a stage with the highest levels of light, oriented spot luminaries towards the chef and the protagonists of the kitchen—the artists who craft the magic—where aromas expand, and movement arises, later manifested in the arrangement of luminaires in the dining area.

MAIN DINING AREA: The dining area manifests the passage of Buriana in all its splendor. Chaos begins to take hold of the location of each luminaire. The lights near the kitchen, where Buriana originates, exhibit a chaotic display that, as it moves away, calms down, revealing a sinuous order.

BAR: The bar visualizes sinuosity in the arrangement of luminaires—order, color, and seemingly random sizes that evoke a wave, the moment after the passage of the Buriana.

TERRACE: At the exterior level, this storm encounters nature and begins to evoke the textures of heterogeneous light produced under the trees—stained like an impressionist painting, where shadow and light manifest organically and hold equal value and importance on surfaces.

LEVELS: All lighting is dimmable. During the day, light intensity levels are maintained at 100% to compete with natural light from large windows. At night, they are independently adjusted by zone to achieve intimacy, warmth, and the just-right level of light to appreciate the visual composition of the dishes—using only between 5% to 10% of the total luminous flux of the luminaire, creating a relaxed, intimate atmosphere.

Warm 2700K light is present throughout the restaurant, except in the kitchen where 3000K was installed. All lighting over tables and the kitchen has a color rendering index (CRI) above 90-97, and R9 above 90, ensuring a high level of red color reproduction both in the preparation and presentation of dishes that are exceptionally crafted.

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