The Bùnquers del Castell de la Trinitat is where history and landscape come together. A XVI Century military fort, in the shape of a five pointed star, which crowns the promontory that protects the town of Roses, in Girona’s Costa Brava.

The Castell de la Trinitat was built in 1544 under the reign of Emperor Charles I, the first monarch of the House of Austria. It was an artillery fortress, shaped like a five-pointed star to defend against enemy projectiles. Destroyed in 1808 during the Napoleonic Wars, the castle remained in ruins for almost two centuries. It was rehabilitated for eight years (2002 to 2010), allowing it to come to life as a tourist attraction with an important historical legacy, receiving recognition as a Cultural Asset of National Interest since 1988.

The Bùnquers of Castell de la Trinitat is a defense space that keeps an important history of the Girona region. Recognized as an Asset of National Interest. As part of the Castle’s landscape rehabilitation project, a lighting intervention was carried out in the bunkers with the intention of reactivating the space and its memory. The lighting concept is inspired by a journey through time, the history of its past and its memory. Bringing inside the light that travels through its cracks, generating a path illuminated with accent lighting, highlighting the marks on the walls and floor that its past has left along its 100 meters of journey.

The space its concave roof has a 2.00m height and a 2.00m width. It was decided to place the luminaires at the top of the roof with different orientation angles between them to generate a layout in the space that invites visitors to explore its past and discover how they protected the coast of Roses in past times. The lighting creates a sensory, exciting, and safe space for visitors throughout their journey. The location and orientation of the luminaires were studied to create continuous lighting, extending the distance between each luminaire, which allowed us to achieve a low-budget lighting project. The luminaire chosen for the project is the Trick from iGuzzini.

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