Design Challenge: Create a contemporary-style light for outdoor living spaces that is IP rated, sleek in design, and manufactured in Ireland.”

Design Concept: As we seek to extend our living spaces to the outdoors, we wanted to design a contemporary and functional outdoor light. We explored the design elements of everyday indoor objects and how they can be adapted for outdoor settings, taking into account the often-inclement weather in Ireland.

The Design: The design for the outdoor light takes inspiration from the classic form of a lampshade, incorporating its familiar lines and shapes to direct light downward and create a warm, soft glow. The BARE range has undergone various adaptations, and the BRW3 model is specifically designed to be mounted on an exterior wall and project light outward. Overall, the final design pays tribute to the traditional lampshade while also being tailored for modern outdoor use.

Our team of internal design engineers and craftsmen worked together to develop several mock-ups to explore the dispersion of light and energy usage. After careful consideration, we decided to use LED bulbs in the final product due to their energy-saving capabilities and extended lifespan

The final product is constructed from sheet metal steel, which is welded and galvanized to prevent rusting and corrosion. To finish the lamp head, we apply an enamel-based paint and use toughened glass for a sleek and polished appearance.

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