The observer is embraced in a constant gloom, blurry and uncertain, uncertain as the time we are living today. There is a gloom that reveals light and matter; darkness and memories; memories where feeling another person’s skin was possible.

Bruma, which in Spanish means mist, is a space of post pandemic reflection, where we redefine that social distancing is not physical, is not real, it doesn’t have to exist if we use our emotional resources to create another reality.

Bruma is an immersive light installation, that consists of a series of boxes that emit light from a middle slit, these boxes are modulated with different configurations, depending on the intention, or the size of the space. The light becomes solid with the use of a fog machine, when the particles of the fog interact with the light, it becomes “visible”. At the same time, a dancer is creating an intimate connection with the light, the light is her lover, they understand each other and move together.

Bruma is an installation where the spectator is submerged in a space bathed in light, this light becomes material, one can touch it, one can feel it. At the same time, a body is immersed into the mist, generating a dialogue with the solid light, there is an intimate bond between the dancer, the space and the light. The light remembers her, and misses her.

Likewise, Bruma is a space where the spectators are subjected to keep a physical distance of 1.5 m, distance in which now a days is crucial to survive. Nevertheless, there is a spiritual connection between the spectators due to the emotionality of the artistic expression between the close relation among the dancer and the light, they become one.

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