In a world where people are getting more conscious about the environment, we are also seeing a higher deemand of of greener products. This is an artistic example on how we can make a product more sustainable, but still not compromise with the design and quality.

When glass is remelted it requires up to 7 times more ressources than when producing new glass. So how can we use some of the material in a different way, to reduce the amounts of waste and ressources used on the planet.

This product pushes the boundaries in how we percieve lighting to be. By using glasswaste in a way, where the shape of the waste is still recocknizable, we create awareness about using waste as a production material.
Thereby putting more value into waste material, that otherwise has a very short lifespan.

By combining different painting methods with glass waste, we are able to create a more sustainable product that still has a very high finish and quality. Just because something is a green product doesn’t mean it shouldn’t still be beautiful and desirable.

By combining art and design with a more sustainable production method, this unique piece of lighting gets a colorful look and will add an artistic touch to any space. This is a comepletely new way of producing light that is more sustainable than conventional lighting.

Each light is a unique piece of artwork. The artwork is beautiful in itself, but is especially emphasized when the light is switched on – allowing the colours to shine through, and the light to create an ambient and cozy atmosphere.

Every light is handmade, with imperfections and a uniqueness you can’t get from mass production. These textures are part of the production method and should be considered as something that gives the product its uniqueness and not a flaw – like paintings created by hand.

The light is installed with a E27 socket (230V) and a beautiful textile cord. CE-Certified.

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