bōm is a highly curated omakase dining experience centred around a set menu of Korean grilled meats, located in an intimate room at the back of Michelin-starred restaurant Oiji Mi. Seventeen guests sit on custom, oversized purple stools at an intimate counter with built-in grills, where the chefs will prepare steaks for the guests directly in front of them, providing a high-end Korean barbecue experience and authentic Korean dishes.

The lighting in the space is purposefully kept low, and focused. The soft, warm glow of linear strips under the marble countertop and above the wooden wall paneling brings definition to the separation of wall and roof, and the curvaceous form of the bar.

A large custom central light fixture wraps around a singular purple tile column. Inspired by traditional Korean jewellery, the piece acts as the glowing gem of the omakase. The choker-like glowing ring of faux alabaster pearls are threaded onto a brass skeleton which hugs the column and projects out over the central service island behind the bar counter. This overscaled piece of glowing jewelry brings a delicate and warm touch to the rich, deep space and helps create a positive focal point of the circular column.

The remainder of the light comes from small, focal downlights recessed into the sloped ceiling and the custom, golden hand painted wall covering at the top of the flat ceiling portion in the middle of the space.

The omakase ceiling mimics the structure of a traditional Korean Hanok home courtyard, made of intricate wood joinery details inspired by the importance of symmetry in Korean traditional architecture. At its center, a bold golden hand painted wallcovering provides a point of focus and brings a touch of patina to the otherwise clean space.

The color theme of the space is a deep plum purple—considered one of the king’s colours in Korea because purple is typically one of the traditional king’s gown colors. A deep purple stained wood paneling is used all around the omakase room, complemented by purple tiles on the bar face, purple-stained concrete floor tiles, and a honed white marble countertop with rich purple veins running through it. This gives the space a rich and luxurious feel but also brings a deep, moody sense to the concept.

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