Julie Conway, an established glassblower from Seattle, WA USA creates bespoke illuminated glass installations across America and internationally under her studio brand Illuminata Art Glass Design.

When thinking of being disruptive to the lighting industry, we often think of the latest in technology, and futuristic solutions. Julie’s approach to creating lighting products is more of a back to the Earth basics, utilizing recycled glass, providing jobs with a net-positive result.

Julie has expanded her studio to include her eco-design lighting series LUMi Collection, produced with 100% post-consumer glass, melted in a furnace fueled by reclaimed vegetable oil in her partner studio in Oaxaca, Mexico. LUMi Collection lighting is a 100% green product for residential and hospitality application.

Shown here is the BOLA series. Organic formed bubbles of 100% post-consumer recycled glass inspired by the timeless sea buoys for made for fishing nets.  Glimpse the subtle mark of the master’s hand as glass naturally flows—BOLA evokes a deep azure ocean horizon under calm, clear skies.

Julie collaborates with owner of Xaquixe, Christian Thornton to produce the LUMi Collection series of lighitng products. Julie and Christian are co-founders of BioGlass .Org launched in 2006, as a developmental non-profit to expand eco-efficient glassmaking techniques. With concerns for the fuel consumption and preservation of thousands of years of glass traditions, BioGlass hopes to offer glass studio efficiency solutions and education resources.

LUMi lighting products utilize post-consumer waste glass bottles, that were otherwise headed to the landfill, the Oaxacan glass furnaces are fueled with reclaimed vegetable oil from local restaurants. The entire system provides jobs, saves waste, and results in beautiful blown glass lighting product, creating a full circle.

“Green energy lifestyle is quite habitual for Julie. She has lived “off-the-grid” in two homes, driven her car with a hydrogen generator, participated in the United Nations’ World Environment Day. Currently, she live in a Green-Built Certified home in Seattle, WA.

Julie’s career of over 25 years includes luxury clients such as Four Seasons Hotel, & Google, as well as Museum shows and Venice Biennale exhibition. Goals include expanding her green lighting products into luxury eco design projects and brands.

Julie’s idea of luxury is connecting people to the Earth cycles, where we feel the sun shining on our faces, the wind in the trees, the sound of ocean waves, and the luscious grass beneath our feet. Good lighting is luxury! It makes us feel good, it balances our mood and sets the tone of every activity from the most special public event to the most intimate moments at home.

The goal of LUMi Collection is to cultivate the feelings of alignment and joy from celebrating well-made design, while offering a high-end design lighting product made from trash bottles. Lighting designers can educate their clients to elevate their spaces, while supporting small businesses that can do more good. Shifting design focus to small batches of production, with dedication to quality, heirloom items that will last and be collectible with meaning or a story.

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