Blue by Alain Ducasse, reflects in its design the desire of Jouin Manku to export the French Touch to Thailand, using the classic language of the royal blue colour. The restaurant is divided into two areas which create a contrast in styles to enhance guest experience.

The lounge area is characterized by hundreds of lighted bamboo tubes to walk through as if you were in a forest. they take you to a private space. Lighting materials used are warm and soft, creating a cosy atmosphere thanks to a mix of light and shade within the bamboo tubes. The column at the centre of the room is wrapped in a lantern projecting bronze flames onto the ceiling.

The restaurant area gives a more discreet lighting touch to it, with small lights on the tables to create intimate private spaces, where guests will enjoy the delights of the “Haute-Cuisine” by Alain Ducasse.

This wide room has a direct communication with the city landscape through a large tinted window. The majestic chandelier seems to float in the centre of the room. It is composed of dozens of curtain buckles on which are projected shards of diffracted light to give the impression of a shining crystal.

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